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Aloha Students,
Attendance will be taken everyday on google classroom.
Remember to submit your post by your time slot so you are marked present for attendance.
Wednesday Check-in Procedure
Answer the question sent to you which will always be WHAT IS YOUR GRADE NOW?
This will be your attendance and also this will be worth 1 POINT towards your grade.
This is to teach you accountability, responsibility and self-advocacy.
For Weight Training and Team Sports you will have options to earn credit.  From the options below select 2 per week to do and turn in.  Each option below is also a link that takes you to a google doc which explains in detail each option.  You can do 2 of the same of choose different options it is all up to you.
Options (These are clickable which will take you to the lesson details)
  1. 8,000 steps (day total)
  2. 1 Mile walk/jog/run (timed, constant)
  3. Workout Video
  4. Practice/Team Training
    Click below to see a sample of what you need to do.
  1.   Sample Workout Video and Reflection
  2.   Sample Mile Pics and Reflection
Workout Resources (These are Clickable which will take you directly to the page)
Welcome to the SY 2020-2021.  Hope you are all safe and doing well.
"Physical activity is essential to good health!"
I hope by having options you will be able to be successful in class.  If there is an activity you can think of which shows that you are staying physically active and not on the list of options please email me and we can discuss it.  Remember I am here to help you so if you have something I will work with you on it.  Advocate for yourself and let me know.
Check out the links page to see proper lifting technique!