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Mr. Fergusenʻs Acellus Classroom

Class overview

Welcome to my classroom.  We will be working together because you have chosen Full Distance Learning. Students in my class will not need to be on campus but will instead be working in your home. Online courses will be done strictly through an online curriculum and must be self-directed.  You and your family are responsible for ensuring that adequate time is put into your studies.  I suggest that you plan to put in an hour per day for each class that you are enrolled in.  You can adjust your time as you become more familiar with the online curriculum.  A daily check-in is necessary for attendance purposes.  Failure to dedicate time daily will probably impede earning your credits toward graduation.  I will monitor your progress daily and guide you in adapting to this learning process. Curriculum and learning materials will be provided to students through the Acellus Learning Program.  I became familiar with this program this past summer and am sure that you will find it enjoyable and easy to use.  Students will receive a grade and credit based on their proficiency and progress scores on the assigned course material.

Daily information for students and parents will be available through each student's Hawks email account.  Invitations to join Mr. Fergy's Classroom will be sent out and students are expected to join that classroom to ensure that we have an open line of communication on a daily basis.  Students and parents will be able to contact me through email, phone and texting and I will be available to answer your questions.  My physical classroom is C-106, ph. 305-7612, cell/text 733-9389  By working together we can ensure our student's success in these difficult times.

About me:

I was stationed at HIckam AFB in 1967.  After my discharge in 1969 I continued to make Hawaii my home, attended UH Manoa and after graduation I got into the manufacturing and marketing of Hawaiian wear.  That career lasted over 40 years.  Always looking for something new, I started teaching at Nanakuli High & Intermediate in SY 2012-13 and have found each year to be more exciting than the last.  I've had the opportunity to meet so many awesome students and their ohana through the years and together we learned how to work building the best learning environment possible.  As a team we succeed, Nanakuli Strong!