School Profile

Our roots started from humble beginnings on the makai portion of the Nānākuli Ahupuaʻa. Due to an overcrowding issue, Nānāikapono Elementary School was split into two schools in 1967. The kindergarten - 6th grade occupied the south end of the campus, while the 7th - 9th grade occupied north end of the campus. This marked the beginnings of Nānākuli High and Intermediate School (NHIS). NHIS left the Nānāikapono campus by 1972 and moved to its present location on the hillside at 89-980 Nānākuli Avenue.  

NHIS is the only school in the Leeward District with both an Intermediate and High School under one administration. Our campus sits on 60 acres of Hawaiian Home Lands in the heart of Nānākuli Valley. The school population is diverse; however it is predominantly made up of Hawaiian or Part-Hawaiian students. Based on the school motto, Kūlia i Ka Nuʻu ("We Seek the Highest"), NHIS seeks to graduate self-directed learners, complex thinkers, effective communicators, and respectful and culturally sensitive contributing members of society.  

First graduating class: Class of 1972  
School colors: Black & Gold  
School motto: Kūlia I Ka Nuʻu ("We Seek the Highest")
School mascot: Golden Hawk 

Tree of Knowledge: The campus boasts the copper and bronze sculpture "Tree of Knowledge" by artist Satoru Abe. The artwork was dedicated in 1971, a year before the school moved to its current location and is still featured each year during graduation where it is tradition for each graduate to honor their time at Nānākuli High & Intermediate school by placing a lei on the "Tree of Knowledge".